Digitized maps of Sonamura, Longtarai valley and Gandacherra has been uploaded || Digitized Maps of Karbook & Amarpur Sub-division under Gomati District has been uploaded || Digital Map of Kanchanpur,Under North Tripura has been uploaded || Mortgage incorporation started from 1st September,2014 || Searching facility with sabek plot has been introduced || Digitized maps of sub-divisions sabroom and santirbazar under south tripura are now available in the live site ||Online MAP printing and distribution started for Khowai & Teliamura Revenue Circle || New MIS attached showing mutation pendency above and below 60 days || Online MAP printing and distribution started for Agartala, Dukli & Jirania Revenue Circle||Mutation application তহশিলে জমা দেবার তারিখ থেকে ১০ দিনের মধ্যে নোটিশ এন্ট্রি এবং নোটিশ জারি করতে হবে.|| U/S-14 and U/S-136/178 cases incorporated || U/S-95 new version will be launched very soon. Please complete all U/S-95 cases entered previously before 10/12/2013. ||Digital Signature incoporated(Only for DLRS User). In Dukli Rev. circle DSC will be started shortly || Plot bifurcation incorporated ||Unauthenticated or inconsistent Khatian numbers can be sent to DLRS for further Review (View help) || Mobile number capture becomes mandatory from 05/01/2012. || Two moujas Rabirai Para & Deo RF has been shifted from Kanchanpur T.K to Machmara T.K.(Download Notification) || Released Share correction of Jer Khatians || Released Departmental Khatians categorization process || Second Phase Authentication Released for all Revenue Cricles || Barcode incorporated in Khatian || Allotment, Acquisition cases incorporated || Agartala Sheet-15 & Howrah Mouja is available now || From 5th May 2012, Khatians generated through CLR will be authenticated automatically for all Mouja. ii.All the Revenue Circle can now Authenticate the ROR(s) generated before 5th May 2012 through CLR. || Help desk facility stated || UID No. incorporation  || Sending of Notice & Mutation Incorporation status through SMS Facility ||
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