Sl NoComponentAction Taken By DeptLinks
1 Define clear timelines for processing of application for conversion of land Reforms have been taken.The Government in the Revenue Department has defined a maximum time limit for delivering services to the public for 3(three) months
2 Make available a model sale deed format for property registration on the department’s website The following Deeds are Standardized. (i)Sale Deed (ii)Lease Deed (iii) Will Deed (iv) Agreement to Sell (v) Gift Deed (vi)Exchange Deed (vii) Power of Attorney (viii) Mortgage deed.
3 Digitized land records at sub-registrar’s office and make it available on line system. Reforms have been taken.All computerized RoR have been uploaded in the website. Website is informative and operational by the Sub Registry Offices.
4 Digitized land records at local municipality office and make it available on an online system Reforms have been taken.Digitized land records are accessible by the municipality office(s) through web
5 Integrate land records database with mortgage and judicial database to provide a full picture of encumbrances on a property. Reforms have been taken and in use.Status of Mortgage is recorded in the computerized Khatian (RoR)
6 Integration of the mutation process with the registration process through automatic updated of land records and municipal records during property registration Reforms are under process.
7 Ensure information on the procedure and comprehensive lists of all documents that need to be provided are available on the web site. Reforms have been taken.
8 Define clear timelines mandated through legislation for approval of complete application of Registration Reforms have been taken and in use.Timelines of complete application including Data Entry, Verification, Scanning & Delivery have been fixed by the system within 3(three) days.
9 Design and implement a system that allows online application and payment without the need for a physical touch point for document submission and verification. Reforms are under process.
10 Ensure that the system allows user to download the final signed approval certificate from the online portal. Reforms are under process. After implementation of online payment system, it can be implemented.
11 Allow third parties to easily verify approval certificates in the public domain. Reforms have been taken and in use.Third parties can easily verify certificates in the public domain through
12 Ensure that user can collect e-Stamp at the time of property registration Reforms are under process.
13 Digitized land records at land records office and make it available on an online system Reforms have been taken and in use. Digitized land records is available in all Land Records Offices through Web.
14 Integrate data at sub-registrar’s office, land records office and local municipality office municipality office to facilitate property wise mapping transactions. Reforms have been taken.Every land transaction Deed is authenticated by Land Records database.Transactions are recorded in the Sellers Khatian(RoR)